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"E-mail" or "Email"?


Slowly, but surely, English changes. And while for the most part my 15-year-old dictionary is perfectly useful, there are instances in which it simply doesn't cut it any more.

Languagehat (via Electrolite) says it's "e-mail," which, due to its meaning and pronunciation, is the form I prefer anyway. But I wonder which version will be king ten years from now.


Languagehat may say it's "e-mail", but Donald Knuth, who has probably forgotten more about computer science than anyone else ever knew, says it's "email" (scroll down to "A note on email versus e-mail" at the bottom), and that's good enough for me.

I'm old school. Put me down for e-mail. Email sounds like a bad comedy or rap act or some kind of large South American.

My copy of the Wired Style Guide says "email," so that's what I try to use. I'm not consistant, though.

s/b ..."South American bird".

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