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I May Have Made A Mistake

I've been seeing this girl for a couple months now. On Saturday we went hiking in the mountains and the sparks were really flying. On the way back through Gatlinburg we saw one of those wedding chapels and decided to take the plunge. . . .

No. I kid.

On Saturday night I was actually browsing at this site. Suddenly, a crazed force took over the mouse and now I'm registered for the half marathon.

I know that for many runners, 13 miles isn't a big deal. And my general health should be good enough to handle it. The problem is that I hadn't been running much the past month or so; I've primarily been cycling. And when I did run, it was always usually for about 45 minutes. In fact, my longest runs ever are only 11 miles (around Cades Cove). So, I'm not at the level I should be for this.

Therefore, on Sunday I launched an accelerated training program, jogging for 90 minutes. Lest I was unsure on this point, my muscles have since reminded me there's quite a difference between a 45 minute run and a 90 minute one. Probably going to be feeling it tomorrow.

One good thing about waiting until the last minute to train for a "long" run is that at least you don't have to suffer through many training runs. Ninety minutes of jogging is kind of boring.


Les Jones
March 7, 2005 4:44 PM


At work they told me I could sign up for a 401K, but I told them I couldn't run that far.

March 8, 2005 3:40 PM


Ba-dum-BUMP! Thanks folks, he'll be here all week. Tip your waitresses...