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Fuel-Saving Tips

A news site has 20 fuel-saving tips. It includes the standard ones, but also a few you don't hear as frequently:

--Finding your vehicles "sweet spot." I realize that vehicles have different efficient speed "sweet spots," but I didn't realize it might be as fast as 85 m.p. h. I have no idea what it is for my car, because I typically mix in significant city driving on a typical tank. Maybe I should be driving faster.

--Parking in the shade to avoid gasoline evaporation.

--Wait to get gas until the tank is almost empty--less weight to haul around.

--Buy gas on Wednesdays: statistically the cheapest day of the week.

I was amused by the "Don't stop" tip. It's a good one, one that I often do. But I was kind of surprised by the way they present it; it's as if they are encouraging people to roll through stop signs.

UPDATE: The aforementioned rolling stop slide make Keith Olbermann's Worse Person of the World!