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Glad It's Almost Over

The Connecticut primary, that is. I realize that this campaign takes place close to the big media markets and that there are only a few competitive races during the primaries. So you expect to hear about it. But good grief, some blogs have been playing it up as if the fate of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance. Like him or not, the Senate clearly has far bigger issues than Joe Liberman.

That being said, I see how some of these bloggers have been frustrated by the media coverage. Here is David Gergen last night on CNN:

But my larger concern here is that the disappearance of the Senators, with Senators like Bill Bradley and Alan Simpson and Jack Danforth, and, you know, so many others, as they've left the Senate, it's been much, much harder to put together bipartisan compromises.

And if the message out of Connecticut is, you work with the other side too closely and we're going to burn you. Just like Lincoln Chaffey, if you work too closely with the Democrats, we're going to burn you. That means that people are going to be afraid to be in the center. And it really, I think, provides a recipe for a very divided, very polarized and very dysfunctional politics.

Sure, a point can be made about the death of moderates in Congress. But this isn't the case to make that argument. If Liberman loses, it won't be because he crossed party lines to compromise on a spending bill or because he joined the "Gang of 14." It will be because he embraced the biggest screw up of the Bush presidency (the Iraq War) and continues to deny the disaster on the ground there.

This isn't about bipartisanship; it's about whether or not Liberman is in touch with reality.