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Global Warming Foretold In 1900!

Surfing about I came across a unique blog, Paleo-Future: A look into the future that never was. It examines what people in the past thought the future would bring.

There's a number of interesting entries to browse through. Among them is one with 1900-era postcards depicting what life would be like in 2000. Basically, the futurists who created these depictions took existing technology and gave it enhanced capabilities. Thus the trains, boats, airships, cameras, etcetera all resemble how they looked in 1900, but could do more things. Oh yes, and horse-drawn carriages can travel over water.

Two of the postcards are particularly pertinent today: (1) the police's X-ray surveillance machine (a Department of Homeland Security forerunner) and (2) the card portraying "Summer Holidays" at the North Pole. Apparently someone was almost 100 years ahead of Al Gore.

Take a look.


Tarun K Juyal
August 6, 2007 7:27 AM


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