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Senator McCain Calls Time Out To Fix The Fundamentally Strong Economy

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see Senator McCain "suspend" his presidential campaign yesterday. After all, he's a Maverick! But I didn't expect him to show up in the Senate again--where he hasn't cast a vote in over five months.

From all accounts I've heard, Congressional leaders are making notable progress on a bailout compromise, apart from McCain airdropping himself in for a photo op. If this plays out as I expect, it will be pretty obvious that McCain was a non-factor in getting the legislation hammered out.

One of McCain's supposed advantages in this race is that, due to his age experience, he is perceived to be better at handling a crisis. To me this maneuver is just more evidence that the opposite is true. Obama has retained a calm, even-keeled presence throughout this financial crisis. In contrast, McCain has been downright erratic.

I want the commander-in-chief with a steady hand on the wheel.