2015 Knoxville Community Band Christmas Concert

I play the trumpet.  With a few interruptions, I’ve played it since I was in grade school.  Since college, I’ve played either by myself or accompanying the hymns at church.

At the beginning of November I was overcome by a rare urge to try something new.  So I emailed the director of the Knoxville Community Band and asked him about joining.  He said they could use another trumpet player.  So the following Tuesday I showed up and slid in with the 2nd trumpets.

It felt strange being in an organized music group again.  I had not played in a band since my freshman year in college–over 20 years ago.  In particular, four things took some getting used to:

  • Tempo:  Band music can move much faster than hymns
  • Key/Time Signature Changes:  You’ve got to pay attention to the music
  • Sitting Out:  The trumpets rest quite a bit; you’ve got to count measures
  • A Conductor:  You’ve got to watch him

I joined the band as it was ramping up preparation of Christmas songs, which culminated in a concert Sunday at the Bijou Theater.  Here’s video and a few photos of the event.

I don’t get much camera time. One of the shots you can see me is at 37:37.

The view from my seat

Awaiting the start

The Bijou audience

I’ve enjoyed being in the band.  Both playing and listening to the music soothes my soul.  I look forward to more of it next year.

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